The phone rings. It is a customer ordering a dozen balloons to be delivered to their 5 year-old niece for her birthday. You take the order, inflate the balloons, design the bouquet, and you deliver the bouquet ... you earn 100% of the profits! Not possible? Of course it is!


We are here to support you in your new business adventure

Notes That Float has put together a Business Opportunity Package to help you get started. We are now embarking on Nationwide Delivery and YOU can be a part of it! We have even gone the added step of preventing over saturation by allowing you to BUY your area. When you join our team your link will be placed on our web site with all of your business information, even if you use our package to add balloons to your already existing business! When a potential customer is looking for Balloons in your city, they click on your city and receive the information needed to contact your balloon business. It is so easy!

This will be YOUR business! You will apply for your business license in your city. Choose your own name for your business. We give you the information and resources you need to get on your way to business success! You set your own prices and set your own delivery charges. Add in a helium tank … and get ready to go!

This is NOT a Get Rich Quick plan! You will NOT just sit back and let the product sell itself. You WILL work, advertise, and spend many hours building YOUR business. But you will also keep 100% of the profits as well!

For details on what our Business Opportunity Package includes, and to reserve your city, send an email with your name, city, and state to: (include “City Reserve List” in the subject line). We are currently looking to have only one representative per city. So please reserve your city TODAY!

Reservations do not place you under ANY OBLIGATION. Reserving your “city” just places you first on the list to receive information for your area. The criteria that must be met to join our team will be sent to you as soon as it is made available!